We explore space
for your brand take off.

Your company is not safe from disruption… but no worries, no one is! Consumers changed their behavior, rapidly affecting the way he interacts with your brand. Prototype, adapt, pivot, innovate, all of this is just a part from modernity instructions manual. But to survive on this planet of innovations it is necessary to rethink your brand, it is time to think global + local, or as we like to call it, Glocal. Change is in our DNA and you have a first class ticket reserved in our ship.


We are a glocal network of communicators, creatives, strategists, artists, disruptors and innovators catalyzing tendencies so your brand can stand out. These are the captains chosen to map our ship`s plan:

César de Oliveira

Naturally artist, raised as a communicator. I had since little contact with the world of advertisement. As a creative director for more than 20 years, I became specialist in graphic and corporate communication. If it were to translate my work in one word it would be “empathy”.

Ah! And sportsman as a hobby. Let`s do a marathon?

Bruno Lilienthal

Passionate about innovation and a self declared global citizen. I have become a specialist in video and digital marketing after 10 years of experience in the area. If I would translate my work in one word it would be “resilience”.

During spare time I`m a VR explorer.


After several launches, our rockets are today the most optimized of the market! We are able to drive your brand with proven history. See our cases:



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