AD3Plus – Consumer-Friendly Presentation Deck

///AD3Plus – Consumer-Friendly Presentation Deck
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Project Description

AD3Plus is a major Brazilian player in programmatic advertising. Having a innovative business model, with diversified products ranging from SaaS to auditing, the first time explanation of AD3Plus to prospective Brazilian customers proved to be a challenge.

Nave Nove tackled the demand of drawing a Consumer-Friendly Presentation Deck with a different approach: first of all it was necessary to humanize the communication with the goal of explaining what is the programmatic advertising market. Better than speaking with technical terms, it was easier for a first-time listener to comprehend what AD3Plus offered by showing how his every day life was already influenced by it.

With this powerful script, AD3Plus was able to prospect strong clients that could greatly benefit from it`s products, from finance up to public sectors.

Project Details