Endomarketing for HTB – Hochtief Brazil

///Endomarketing for HTB – Hochtief Brazil
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Project Description

How to communicate change, with as little noise as possible, for hundreds of employees about their bonus evaluation method while their industry is in crisis?

Hochtief is the largest german construction company, with more than 140 years of history and 70.000 employees worldwide. HTB is one of its Latin America subsidiary for 50 years and experience with more than 500 projects.

Longtime partner with endomarketing production, our company received the briefing to develop a procedure manual with the purpose of elucidating the new method of evaluation of employees performance (this rating is later used to define annual bonus). The timing would also prove to be delicate as the Latin American construction market was going through a deep recession.

We had a clear understanding of how careful the craft of this manual should be as it would impact the paychecks of hundreds of employees. The approach of teaching the new rules with the aid of visual graphics was essential to achieve this goal. Our company also deployed complementary materials such as animations explaining the key changes.

With the help of Nave Nove, the client’s HR department successfully implemented the new evaluation method. Little resistance was felt by the staff, that well understood the reasons and advantages of the new method.

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