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Project Description

How to increase the relevance of a neighborhood “greasy spoon” to become a destination restaurant, capable of attracting clients from other cities?

Mix Burguer is a longtime client of our agency. Its “Hamburguer + Tex Mex” all you can eat product was a first of its kind in whole São Paulo urban area. With more than 15 years in business, we helped the restaurant build its brand, visual identity and publicity.

Once all of the communication platform was built, we traced a digital marketing plan to present an advertising video. We reduced the script to focus all the attention in “Hamburguer + Tex Mex” all you can eat product. This was the result:

Adding all of the different post where the video was used, our client achieved:

3.6M people reached.

or 30.000 full restaurants.

1.3M minutes watched

Or the time it takes to travel from São Paulo to Hamburg, one of the possible origins of the Hamburguer…  1604 times!


Or 1769 times more comments than this photo from the host and judge of the Brazilian Masterchef:

And the list goes on…43k Likes and 6k Shares. All of this popularity grabbed the attention of a Brazilian portal of local guides, that made a post about our client:

“The strategy traced by Nave Nove brought a lot of visibility to my restaurant. During a moment of market recession, I was able to beat the crisis and even expand my business!”

Renato Barbezan – Owner of the Restaurant

After the increase in visibility, our client was able to maintain steadily higher levels of clients and habitually full capacity, even one year after this campaign. This popularity influenced Renato`s decision to change the restaurant address for a bigger place, where he has ever since served his delicious All you can eat Hamburguer + Tex Mex.

Project Details